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A person walks on the sidewalk in front of windows displaying images of a couple and the words forever caring.
Working with Care

How Pratt Students and Faculty Are Creating in the Space of Compassion

Picture of a person taking a picture of another person sitting on a barstool with a camera
A Personal Politics

Pratt Students Make Art to Humanize the Leaders and Issues That Shape Our Communities

In an arched stone passageway, people sit on wood benches and look through books from shelves built into the walls, as a walker strolls past on a gray-tiled section of the tunnel
New York Reimagined

Seven Pratt Architecture and Interior Design Students Propose Models to Nourish and Cultivate Our City

Abstract bursts of red on the left and blue, yellow, and orange on the right meet in a colorful bolt that extends across a textured black and white background
The Art of Holding

How Pratt Creative Arts Therapy Activated During a Time of Trauma, and Began to Change the Field for the Future